1st Platoon Company "I"
1 Officer, 40 Enlisted Men

Platoon Leader: 2nd Lt. Thomas K Turnage
Platoon Sergeant: T/Sgt. David N. Robinson
Platoon Guide: S/Sgt. Richard H. Daugherty
Platoon Sniper: Pvt. Frank T. Ralston Jr.

First Squad Second Squad Third squad
Squad Leader S/Sgt. Durward V. Williams S/Sgt. Kenneth W. Mize S/Sgt. Seth M. Wilson
Asst. Squad Leader Cpl. Paul J. Piccard Cpl. James R. Moore Sgt. Thomas F. Fimbel
1st Scout Rifleman Pfc. James M. White Jr. Pfc. Leo J. Nabozny Pfc. Bill J. Corsant
2nd Scout Rifleman Pfc. John H. Meyer Pfc. Frank J. Laszlo
B.A.R. Pfc. Anthony F. Radavich Pfc. James L. Tracey Pfc. Clifford W. Aldrich
Asst. B.A.R. Pfc. Theodore A. McKain
Ammo Bearer Pfc. Gennaro Pompilio
Rifleman Pfc. Gordon C. Luce Pvt. Frank T. Ralston Jr. Pfc. Harold Griffel
Rifleman Pfc. Harold Huff Pvt. Kenneth K. Fillenwarth Pfc. Jesse K. Harrison Jr.
Rifleman Pfc. Lionel D. Wyld Pfc. William H. Feigle Pfc. Richard C. Innes
Rifleman Pvt. Michael H. Robinson Pfc. David Salamone Pvt. Harold L. Martin
Rifleman Pfc. Stephen F. Molaski Pfc. Jack M. Eldridge Pfc. Walter J. Newby
Rifleman Pfc. Sidney Kessler Pfc. James C. Justus Pfc. Floyd L. Reed
Rifleman Pfc. James P. Keeney Jr. Pvt. James H. Steward
Rifleman Pvt. Rufus Noble Pfc. Sun K. Yuu
Rifleman Pfc. Stanley W. Johnson

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